Thermographic Surveys

Building Thermography

A thermal imaging (or infrared) camera allows us to see areas of concern in a buildings structure and fabric by measuring temperature and emitted radiation.

The camera sees what the human eye cannot, and provides a useful diagnostic tool for dealing with various building defects and faults. Thermographic surveys are considered ‘nondestructive’.

The applications are wide and varied, but include the following;

Thermal Bridging

Thermal bridging occurs where the structure and fabric is not sufficiently insulated to prevent heat being conducted to an external surface of a building.

This can lead to condensation and mould growth along with unacceptable levels of heat loss.

Air Leakage

Air leakage can occur where paths are available for air to escape from a building with energy wastage being a direct and unwanted by-product.

Air Infiltration

Air infiltration (draughts) within a building can cause significant energy loss. This may be identified by patterns of convection typically around openings such as windows and doors.

Insulation Evaluation

Discontinuous or missing insulation can cause heat to be lost from a building. Missing insulation also increases the risk of internal condensation and mould growth.

Insulation evaluation can also be used to identify damp or damaged material and well as assessing specification compliance.

It is also particularly useful to determine the quality and consistency of retrospectively injected cavity wall insulation following installation.

Water Ingress

Water ingress (or incursion) within a building can be detrimental to the structure of a building and also result in energy loss through damaged insulation material.

Areas of dampness may also be identified in conjunction with invasive moisture testing, particularly useful in flat roof surveys.

Structural Defects

Buildings, over a period of time are subject to movement and degradation of materials which can result in thermal anomalies which require identification and corrective action.

We are ICT Level 1 Certified Thermographers with a detailed knowledge of building defects.

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